Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero May Be Getting GT Fighters After All

Dragon Ball GT fans may have just gotten their best clue yet on whether or not the outlier of the Dragon Ball franchise will be represented in Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero in any way. During a recent panel at an anime event featuring voice actors for various Dragon Ball characters across different mediums and series, one voice actor, Sean Schemmel, seemed to suggest that he'd done some Super Saiyan 4 voice work for Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero. If that's the case, that'll be our first indication of any specific character from Dragon Ball GT that'll be included in Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero.

The even in question was a panel and Q&A opportunity during Anime Riverside 2024. YouTuber Jimmy "JimmyisaGeek" Arias hosted the panel and asked a question for Schemmel and the rest of the cast regarding how they found unique voices for each different character and are able to recall those voices whenever it's time to reprise that role. Schemmel, the voice actor who's best known for voicing Goku as well as Goku's many different variants, talked about how changing his voice for each different form and transformation actually made his work tougher.

"I didn't realize that subtly changing the voice for every single form was gonna bite me in the ass later," he said. "And so keeping track of all that for, like, Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan 3, God Mode Red hair, was all real subtle," Schemmel said.

The question itself wasn't about Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero specifically, but it's what was said before that which made Dragon Ball GT fans perk up about the prospect of their favorites being in the game. Before his comment, Schemmel offered praise to Daman Mills, the voice actor known for Frieza who's also the lead voice director on Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero. Schemmel said that Mills helped keep him on track during "this last game" that they've been working on.

While it's again far from Bandai Namco confirming that Dragon Ball GT will be in Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero, Schemmel talking about a game and then immediately referencing Super Saiyan 4 is our best indication yet that Dragon Ball GT characters will be in the game. If that does happen, however, there's still no telling when they'll be added. The trailers released previously have been themed after different categories of fighters such as Fusions, so Dragon Ball GT could get its own big reveal in the future. Or, Dragon Ball GT could be one of the post-launch waves of content seeing how Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and Dragon Ball Daima were specifically mentioned as two of the three planned DLCs while the third remains a secret.

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero releases on October 11th.

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not sure why they wouldn't

it would be a great addition to the game fr


Hopefully so ! Idk don't see why not