Fall Guys Teases First Marvel Skins for Hulk, Captain America, and Tho

Recently, a new Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout rumor started making the rounds, claiming that the hit party game is getting new Marvel-themed skins. That wasn't a surprising reveal given how willing Fall Guys has been to crossover with various IPs since developer Mediatonic was purchased by Epic Games a few years ago. That said, it was curious that the Marvel skins were seemingly coming to Fall Guys relatively soon given that Fortnite is rumored to be getting a new Marvel-themed season in August. We don't have to wonder about Mediatonic's plans any longer because the developer recently shared a teaser on Twitter that all but confirms those leaks are true and the new skins are launching next week.

The recent tweet from the official Fall Guys Twitter account asks, "Someone order some Super Heroes?" It then shares the date of June 18th and includes an image of the game with bean skins of Hulk, Captain America, and Thor in the foreground. All three characters were also included in that original leak, meaning everything in it was likely legitimate.

A few other characters were featured in the leak that aren't in the new teaser. The leaked images featured what seemed to be secondary skins of all four characters. There's a Falcon-themed skin that would be the alternate Captain America skin, while Hulk seems to have his gladiator gear on in his secondary skin. Finally, Thor's second skin seems to be Jane Foster, who adopted the Thor mantle before becoming Valkyrie. Most likely, these alternate skins will be added to the game alongside the primary ones, though the developer could hold out for a second drop later in the year.

Either way, these new skins are coming next week on June 18th. They'll be joining a growing collection of crossover skins in Fall Guys. Recently, the game has gotten skins from things like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Toy Story, Star Wars, and Final Fantasy XIV. We also know that the game will soon be coming to Fortnite via the Unreal Editor for Fortnite mode. That collab was supposed to launch at the start of the summer in the battle royale, but it was delayed at the last minute. Recent leaks claimed the mode was coming to UEFN on June 17th, but the official account hasn't said anything, so that seems unlikely. Hopefully, something official will be revealed soon.

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glad they're doing a lot of skin collabs to keep the game interesting


It will be like fort later on they'll have tons of skin collabs lol