Rumor: Nvidia Could Have a Big Announcement Next Month

Nvidia could have some exciting news to share at next month's SIGGRAPH 2024 conference as it invites Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang to the stage. Huang co-founded Nvidia in 1993 at age 30, and it has become the third-largest company in the world behind Microsoft and Apple. Nvidia is a software engineering corporation in charge of designing graphics processing units (GPUs), application programming interfaces (APIs), and overall high-end computing in the fields of engineering, media and entertainment, and scientific research.

SIGGRAPH is an annual conference organized by AMC that started in 1974 in North America and eventually spread to countries throughout Asia from 2008 onward. The conference holds academic presentations to showcase cutting-edge technological advancements in various engineering fields. This year, SIGGRAPH will play host as Nvidia welcomes a new computer engineering revolution. Nvidia recently updated its AI roadmap to outline future endeavors, which fall under Nvidia's Blackwell initiative. As unveiled in March 2024, Nvidia's Blackwell GPUs (B100 & B200) adopt new dual-chipset designs, marking a significant improvement on the company's pre-existing Hopper line.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang takes the stage as a keynote speaker at SIGGRAPH 2024 to discuss "Graphics for the New Computing Revolution." SIGGRAPH attendees could possibly hear more about Nvidia's upcoming Blackwell GPUs, as a rumor reported by Wccftech possibly suggests. Blackwell is set to be employed by companies like Amazon Web Services, Dell Technologies, Google, Meta, and Microsoft, among others. Nvidia is already the leading manufacturer of gaming GPUs, but Huang hopes to lead the company to even greater success. Blackwell promises six core revolutionary technologies, namely: the powerful GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, Nvidia TensorRTâ„¢-LLM and NeMo Megatron frameworks, the latest iteration of Nvidia NVLink, a reliable RAS engine, confidential and effective AI models to protect consumer data, and a decompression engine for an accelerated database supporting all the latest formats in AI technology for efficient data analytics. Nvidia also recently introduced the new AI-powered assistant Project G-Assist, a callback to an old April Fool's joke.

At last year's SIGGRAPH conference, Nvidia announced the arrival of RTX Ada Workstation GPUs, ideal for "real-time ray tracing, physics simulation, neural graphics, and generative AI." Alongside the GPUs, Nvidia also rolled out an update to the GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip, which is now starting to ship worldwide. Nvidia also looks to begin shipping out its Blackwell GPUs in late 2024. This year, Huang will speak on the inclusion of robotics and AI in industrial digitization and how it has effectively cut costs for industry workers and manufacturers.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's keynote presentation will take place on Monday, July 29, during which he will discuss the impact of generative AI on the gaming industry and pinpoint how the convergence of AI and advancement in computing technology is driving the transformation. Although the future looks promising for new Nvidia technology, all mention of an in-depth look at Blackwell during this year's SIGGRAPH is nothing more than conjecture at this stage.

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I hate it when they state "could have"

it's either they will or won't ffs


Man looks like a bobblehead. Or like someone photoshopped a big ass head on a little body


What's that another new graphics card release ? Lol