LEGO Horizon Adventures is About 7-8 Hours Long

When you look at PlayStation’s line-up for the year, LEGO Horizon Adventures probably sticks out the most. Based on Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s a more humorous adventure where Aloy searches for her mother and becomes embroiled in a bigger conflict. It’s also not on the same scale, revealed narrative director James Windeler in GameSpot’s preview.

It takes about seven to eight hours to finish, though some elements of replayability exist (to be revealed later). “It’s not a faithful retelling, and neither is it a parody. We wanted to poke fun at the IP; we wanted to use all the self-referential humor that’s characteristic of Lego properties.

“We also very much wanted to make sure that the game had a very broad appeal […] We didn’t make the whole open-world game and put it in here. We told a story that we felt captured some of the spirit of the original, some of the themes […] It’s more of an inspiration.”

As a result, some of the heavier themes, like climate change and the negligence of corporations, are de-emphasized. “We definitely pushed some of the more complicated and truly dark themes very much into the background.

“Those ideas are in the game, but they’re very subtle. You know, the story takes place more in the present and is very much focused around the more emotional story of a girl looking for her mother who gets drawn into an adventure with existential stakes.”

While it may seem similar to other LEGO games, especially with the Studs collected for upgrades, there aren’t as many as other titles, and the Stud Counter is absent. Instead of focusing on collection elements, Winderler compares it to playing a LEGO movie but with characters from Horizon Zero Dawn. In terms of appealing to a wider audience, it’s certainly a compelling method.

LEGO Horizon Adventures is out this Holiday for PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for more details shortly.

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geez. that's a very long time for a Lego game


Haven't played every Lego game but the ones I have they are always so fun.