Sea of Thieves Now Has a PvP-Focused World Event

The second major update as part of the tenth season of Sea of Thieves is now live. As part of the update, the game now has a PvP-centric world event dubbed Skull of the Siren Song. Check out the short trailer showcasing the new world event below.

As part of the new world event, all crews in a server will be alerted with a ghostly note pinned to their ship’s mast. Crews that decide to take part in the event will have to hunt down the chest containing the titular skull, as well as the key that opens it.

Crews that have acquired the chest or key will have their positions broadcasted to the rest of the server, which will kick off a mad scramble where each crew of pirates will try to claim the chest containing the skull and the key for themselves. The crew that opens the chest to find the skull will then have to race to Captain Briggsy to deliver it.

Rewards for taking part of the event, aside from a huge pot of gold, include new commendations, as well as exclusive rewards like a flag, figurehead, sails, and a trinket.

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certainly will step up the game fr


I could see this being more fun then the normal game

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