Last Epoch Showcases Time-Travelling Story in Latest Trailer

Developer Eleventh Hour Games has released a new trailer for its action RPG Last Epoch. The trailer, rather than showing off any gameplay, instead focuses on the game’s story. Check it out below, courtesy of IGN.

In showcasing the game’s story, the trailer also talks about Last Epoch‘s emphasis on time travel in its story. The trailer shows the same zone changing into a grotesque, demonic area thanks to the ravages of time. Ultimately, the trailer finishes things off by showing a player character travelling between the different eras of time in the game.

Last Epoch, originally released as an Early Access title back in 2019, has seen quite a few updates since its launch. The game is currently gearing up for its 1.0 release, which is slated for February 21.

The game will continue to get new content as its heads towards its exit from Early Access, with January seeing the release of the Warlock preview, as well as other updates bringing with them Item Factions.

Last Epoch has five playable characters, with the game’s unique feature being that each ability has its own skill tree, using which players can change how each ability works.

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love me some time-travelling games :lipbite:


All the story's and games are time traveling now lol

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