Twitter Reaches Out to Sony After PlayStation Pulls Integration

Twitter (now X) has said that it has reached out to Sony Interactive Entertainment after the company removed Twitter integration from PlayStation consoles. Last week, X owner Elon Musk said that he’d “look into” the issue as both Sony and Microsoft abandoned the platform presumably due to its new API fees.

PlayStation Twitter integration is a “legacy” integration, X clarifies
An official handle for the platform’s dev and API team responded to a tweet announcing that X integration had officially gone offline on PlayStation. In its response, the team implied that since this was a legacy integration in existence before the new policies were implemented, Sony may have benefitted from some kind of reprieve.

X has now reached out to Sony “to explore new integrations including livestreaming.” The platform has asked fans to stay tuned for updates.

It’s unclear how Sony will respond and whether X’s attempt at communication will bear fruit. As of now, PS5 and PS4 players can no longer post or view content — including trophies and gameplay — on X. However, the PS5 offers the ability to upload game captures to the PS App, which players can subsequently upload to Twitter. It’s a roundabout way to get it done, but it works.

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Twitter has been trash even before Elon took over

and I don't blame Sony getting rid of Twtter (X) from it's consoles, it's clutter fr


eh twitter has been dead for a min anyways


Musk has pretty much killed Twitter at his point :( rip

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