Redfall Update 3 brings a UV sniper, AI fixes, performance boosts

Arkane Studios' controversial vampire hunting cooperative game Redfall has slowly been receiving updates since its launch earlier this year. Today, the Xbox studio pushed out Game Update 3 to the title, bringing a brand-new weapon, as well as improvements to areas like AI, NPCs, missions, performance, and accessibility options.

The new weapon is a unique sniper rifle with the "Unrivaled" rarity. Aptly titled the Basilisk, it comes touting a UV light effect when firing the first bullet of a magazine, which can petrify Vampires. Keep in mind this is a situational weapon, only affecting vampires that have not been petrified recently. As expected, the UV effect also does not work on enemies who are immune to petrification.

The Basilisk can be found as a drop in the open world where Unrivaled items are gained, with a higher chance given to Bellwether-themed containers found on the map.

There are quite a few balance and gameplay tweaks attached to the update too.

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hope their recent updates brings players back fr LMAO


honestly cant believe they are still trying to save this game or even update it

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