Epic Games Store Reveals Free Game for November 23

Epic Games Store users can now claim Earthlock and Surviving the Aftermath, a turn-based RPG and city builder respectively, on the storefront, while it has also revealed what fans can grab on November 23: Deliver Us Mars. As always, Epic Games Store users can claim Earthlock and Surviving the Aftermath anytime between now and 10 am CT on November 23.

Taking place in the fictional world of Umbra, Earthlock sees players step into the shoes of six heroes (only three of which appear human), with the title promising unique progression via talent tables (instead of skill trees) and tactical combat. Story-wise, a mission to rescue Amon's uncle from an ancient cult turns into a world-saving attempt to stop the past from repeating itself. Overall, it looks promising and has come a long way since its mixed reviews at launch, especially for turn-based fans. Meanwhile, Surviving the Aftermath is a post-apocalyptic city/colony builder where players must be able to withstand natural disasters at a moment's notice, requiring players to fortify well, recruit specialists, and learn what caused the apocalypse.

Epic Games Store users have the next week to grab these titles, but if neither suits someone's fancy, Deliver Us Mars arrives on November 23. Deliver Us Mars is a sci-fi action-adventure game where players must recover stolen colony ships from Outward. Every gameplay encounter, environment, and challenge is handcrafted, which combined with its tonal differences and gameplay style, it's something completely different from November 16's game selection.

Epic Games Store Free Games Right Now List (& November 23)

Earthlock (November 16 - November 22)
Surviving the Aftermath (November 16 - November 22)
Deliver Us Mars (November 23 - November 30)

With Deliver Us Mars confirmed, fans know what to expect for the rest of the month and whether the servicing is giving away something that appeals to them for the near future. Fans are also just a few weeks away from one of Epic Games Store's most exciting times.

It tends to give away a free mystery game every day, for 10-15 days, near the end of December to celebrate the holidays. It's not yet certain how Epic Games Store's mystery game promotion for December will work, though fans can expect it to be similar to last year, which should excite fans. It's hard to say no to a free game after all.

Epic Games Store users get new free games every week.

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amazing free line up

will be grabbing the deliver us mars fr


shout out to epic for the free games !

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