PS5 Access Controller Gets Deep Dive Into Accessibility Features

With only weeks to go until it hits online storefronts, Sony has released a series of videos that provide a deep dive into its Access controller for PlayStation 5. Designed to allow gamers with disabilities to be able to enjoy their favorite PlayStation 5 games, the Access controller can be reconfigured and customized in a multitude of ways to adapt to players.

New videos shines spotlight on Sony’s accessibility consultants
In a new post on the official PlayStation blog, Sony has shared several videos that give PS5 gamers a better idea of what to expect when the Access controller releases on December 6. The first introduces some of the accessibility consultants that provided feedback to Sony as it was designing the Access controller, highlighting how each gamer was able to customize the unique peripheral to work with their individual disabilities. This short video reveals just how versatile Sony’s Access controller is, with each of the accessibility consultants showcasing a different layout designed to meet their needs.

The post also included two videos that give gamers a better look at the hardware and the process for setting up the Access controller. The first video goes over the unboxing and initial setup process in the PS5 system software and highlights how Sony’s focus on accessibility even extends to the easy-open box for the Access controller. The next video offers a deep dive into the Access controller’s customizable control scheme, explaining how gamers can move and modify every input on the controller to create a layout that works best for them. With four styles of swappable button caps and two different joystick types included in the box, the Access controller offers PS5 gamers with disabilities plenty of ways to create their ideal controller configuration.

Sony’s Access controller for PS5 looks to be a great option for gamers with disabilities who’ve found using a standard DualSense controller to be uncomfortable, if not outright impossible, and products like this are sure to become more common as companies across the industry continue to work to make gaming more accessible. And with its wide variety of possible layouts, even before adding on optional accessories, Sony’s Access controller could allow PlayStation titles to be enjoyed by a wider audience than ever.

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certainly not the type of controller I would buy fr


we just need a good quality ps5 elite type of controller from sony !

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