Hogwarts Legacy’s Open World Has Loading Screens on Nintendo Switch

Following its gameplay reveal last week, Warner Bros. Games’ Hogwarts Legacy is out later today on the Nintendo Switch. Some have gotten their hands on it, including SwitchUp on YouTube, and while the action RPG runs “reasonably well” on Nintendo Switch, it does have a big flaw – the open world is no longer seamless.

When playing on Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, it’s possible to walk from Hogwarts to the neighboring highlands and venture to Hogsmeade. However, on Nintendo Switch, entering the village triggers a loading screen that is 30 to 50 seconds long. If you want to check out any shops, another loading screen triggers, whereas you can walk right in on the current-gen versions.

It probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal if there weren’t numerous shops to check out in the village. Nevertheless, despite its drawbacks, including a substantial lack of environmental details, Hogwarts Legacy is playable on the Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for updates and potential improvements in the coming weeks.

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yeah, can't have everything with the Switch version that the PC version has fr


Th game was fun but needs improvements for sure and made longer ! Can't wait for the second one !

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