Planet of Lana Launches for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation in Spring

With 2023 having been as packed with excellent new games as it has been, there’s plenty of titles that have sadly been a bit overlooked, and though Wishfully and Thunderful’s sidescrolling puzzle-platformer Planet of Lana is certainly one of those games that have sort of been lost in the crowd, as those who’ve played it will tell you, it’s well worth checking out. And in the relatively near future, more people will be able to.

In the closing moments of Nintendo’s recent Indie World Showcase, it was announced that Planet of Lana is headed to the Switch. The game will launch for Nintendo’s hybrid platform sometime in Spring 2024, though a specific release date (or further details about what the port will entail) haven’t been shared. The game will also launch for PlayStation consoles at the same time, it’s been confirmed.

“We’re delighted to be bringing Planet of Lana to Switch and PlayStation in Spring 2024,” said Wishfully Studios’ director Adam Stjärnljus. “We want to share our game with as many people as possible, so this is something we are very excited about. Thanks to all the fans that helped make Planet of Lana a success on PC and console and thanks to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation communities for your patience – I promise we will do our best to make it worth the wait!”

In our review of Planet of Lana, we awarded it a score of 9/10, saying, “Planet of Lana is an incredible journey. It’s a down-to-earth traipse through a unique but endearing off-world setting, with tight pacing and excellent presentation underscoring a tale of camaraderie and familial devotion.

Planet of Lana is currently available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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certainly will be grabbing this when it's released fr


This one looks alright for a Nintendo game

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