Grounded’s Make It And Break It Update Details Revealed

Developer Obsidian Entertainment has released one of the biggest updates yet for co-op survival game Grounded. Dubbed the Make It And Break It update, it brings a host of new features to the game, including the ability for players to come up with their own levels and challenges for other players to take on.

To kick things off, the update will allow players to build their own levels across two distinct sandboxes: the Backyard and the Grassbox. While the former is essentially the setting for the title’s core game mode, the latter is an empty backyard where players can start their levels from scratch.

As part of the new creative features, the update also gives players a host of tools to help them build their levels, as well as the ability to share their Playgrounds by using a unique code ID.

Aside from the creative options, the update brings a host of smaller quality-of-life features to Grounded, including expanded options for custom games, a change to how the game’s difficulty modes are balanced, and a cooldown for consumables.

The combat is also getting overhauled, including various aspects like combo damage balancing, and charged attacks getting buffed for nearly every weapon. The map also now has a completely new UI, coupled with a revamp of the game’s ramdomised repeatable BURG.L quests.

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I'll get this for the youngster for xmas :wink:


I thought this game looked pretty good looks like an actual fun kids game

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