Nintendo Insider Leaks Release Date of New Mario Kart Game

According to a new rumor, Nintendo is finally getting ready to move on from Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and release a new Mario Kart game. The rumor comes the way of well known Nintendo insider and leaker, Zippo, who claims the next Mario Kart game is set to be not on Nintendo Switch, but its successor, dubbed the Nintendo Switch 2 by many thanks to rumors and reports that it will be a successor to the Switch. More specifically, this puts the game releasing in 2025, which Zippo claims will be the second year of the new Nintendo console.

Even more specific than this, Zippo claims the game will release during the holiday season of 2025, which is to say, near the end of the year. Adding to this, it's claimed that it is in development by Nintendo EPD Production Group 9 with Bandai Namco Studios set to serve as co-developer. These are the two teams that shipped Mario Kart 8.

"The tenth (no, not ninth) installment of the Mario Kart series will release in 2025, which will be Switch 2's second year on the market," claims Zippo. "The intention is to release the title sometime before the system's second holiday on the market. The title is being developed primarily by Nintendo EPD Production Group 9, with Bandai Namco Studios once again co-developing."

The report doesn't end here. It's added that the game is set to be one of the most expensive games ever made by Nintendo, which isn't very surprising considering the massive success of Mario Kart 8, one of Nintendo's best-selling games ever.

"Additionally, Nintendo are sparring absolutely no expense with this game," adds Zippo. "This is apparently one of the most expensive games Nintendo has ever put into production. The next 3D Mario title is said to be 'absolutely dropping' and this apparently looks even better. The game's visual fidelity is said to be a very high priority for them, meaning the game is gonna look good, damn good."

What's not mentioned is when this game will be revealed. You'd assume if the game is coming out in 2025, a 2024 reveal could be on the table, but Mario Kart sells itself so Nintendo could opt for a shorter, cheaper marketing campaign that sees the game revealed and released in the same year.

All of that said, take everything here with a grain of salt. This is not official information, it's a rumor. Further, even if all of this information is accurate, it doesn't mean it will remain so over time as everything is subject to change.

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mario kart has always been my fav to play fr


One of the very few but Mario and Mario cart never really interested me. Maybe for a bit when wii first came out.

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