Big Silent Hill Projects Teased by New Job Openings

Konami went from having no known Silent Hill projects at all to having tons of them, and according to some new job postings and hiring efforts from the publisher, it doesn't look like we're going to go back to having a shortage of Silent Hill games and more anytime soon. The Silent Hill owner recently advertised the creation of what's seemingly a new development team exclusively focused on the Silent Hill series with another hiring partner teasing these as "large-scale projects" specifically involving new games.

Right now, a job posting on the Silicon Studio Agent page talks about some of the job openings Konami has. That agency is working with Konami to hire for these projects as indicated by Konami's retweet of the job advertisements with Konami currently looking for game planners, engineers, artists, and project managers to helm these new Silent Hill projects.

The Silicon Studio Agent tweet is the one that specifically mentioned "large-scale projects" set within the Silent Hill universe, but the Konami tweet about the subject mentioned the new group of developers that's being put together and referred to it as the "Silent Production Team," according to a translation of the tweet. This group shouldn't be confused with Team Silent, the former group of Silent Hill developers that worked on several games years ago when the series had more of a presence.

"The 'Silent Production Team' is recruiting artists, planners, engineers, and project managers," the translated tweet reads. "Please join us in this work, which has many fans overseas! A chance to be involved in game production in a cutting-edge development environment."

Job postings like these that are live on the Silicon Studio Agent page sometimes give away details about specific games or at least give an idea of any innovations a studio might be looking to make in a new game such as new features, but that's unfortunately not the case with these Silent Production Team listings.

Known Silent Hill Projects
We may not know from these job descriptions what other kinds of games Konami is looking to make, but from what's been shared in the past, we already know of several that are in the works or, in some cases, are already out.

Headlining all those projects is the remake of Silent Hill 2, a game being developed by Bloober Team which will probably be a make-or-break point for the overall Silent Hill revival. A recent leak suggested that the remake would be out in early 2024, though Konami hasn't yet given it an actual release date.

Outside of that main game, Konami is also working on Silent Hill Townfall and Silent Hill F, the former being developed by No Code and the latter by NeoBards Entertainment. There's also Silent Hill: Ascension, the community-driven Silent Hill experience from GenVid Entertainment that's rolling out now. All of these Silent Hill projects are notably developed by third-party studios which makes it even more noteworthy that Konami is looking to hire internally for Silent Hill. Another game called Silent Hill: The Short Message has been leaked several times but hasn't officially been revealed yet.

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sounds good

hope they release the trilogy classics in a remaster collection/edition :lipbite:


So there will be multiple projects in the works then !

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