GTA 6 Announcement Tweet Broke Records Without a Trailer or Screenshot

Rockstar Games’ tweet announcing a GTA 6 trailer for early December has broken records without even a screenshot, let alone a trailer. Fans have been clamoring for information about a new Grand Theft Auto. All it took was a statement from Rockstar’s Sam Houser, and the internet was abuzz.

GTA 6 trailer announcement is the most-liked gaming tweet
Rockstar made a single mention of the next GTA in its four-part tweet, but that didn’t stop it from becoming the most-liked gaming tweet in less than 24 hours. At the time of this writing, the tweet has 1.5 million likes and 164.3 million views.

Such is the world’s fascination with Grand Theft Auto that traditional news channels around the globe — some of whom rarely cover gaming news — ran headlines about GTA 6.

Publisher Take-Two Interactive recently reassured investors that GTA 6’s development is on track and won’t be affected by any voice actors’ strike. However, the publisher has stopped short of giving a release date beyond teasing that the game will be out before March 2025. GTA 6 was at the center of an infamous ransomware attack that resulted in a group of teenagers being arrested and scheduled for sentencing.

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GTA only needs the announcement tweets

never need vid or screenshots fr


Oh yeah we're all beyond ready for this ! Lol


This shows how legendary the GTA series are.

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