Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Announced, Beta Launching Soon

Ubisoft gave Rainbow Six Siege players a deep dive look into Operation Deep Freeze, the Year 8 Season 4 update which adds a new map, better player protection, and much more. However, the biggest news coming out of the new announcements might be the reveal of an upcoming Marketplace that will allow players to buy and sell cosmetics using in-game currency. The "Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace" will let players hop onto either a browser or mobile app (the team has yet to show off an in-game version) to buy and sell their skins.

For now, the Marketplace is registering players to take part in a beta, with the current plan being to fully introduce the feature during Year 9. To that end, Ubisoft hasn't fully revealed exactly how it will all work. For example, it's not yet clear if players will set the price of cosmetics on the market or if Ubisoft will be handling that aspect. It also hasn't given any indications of how it will address a potential grey market that could pop up after this is implemented. After all, we saw that happen with Counter-Strike when it introduced a skin marketplace, so Ubisoft will want to learn from any difficulties Valve had with its service.

That said, it is worth remembering that everything is being funneled through R6 Credits. It's not like you can use those to purchase something outside of the game directly. It might still be possible to get the Credits off of the game in various ways, but Ubisoft would also likely have an easier time keeping the grey market away from Rainbow Six Siege. Either way, we'll likely learn much more about exactly how the market will function over the coming weeks as the beta progresses.

If you want to register for a chance to join the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Beta, it's a relatively painless process. First, you'll need to go to the official Ubisoft website. Then, you'll need to either create or log into your Ubisoft account. Once you're logged you'll automatically be registered for the beta. It's not clear exactly when the beta will start sending out invites, but you'll likely be contacted within a few days or weeks if you're selected. After all, if it's launching alongside Deep Freeze, it'll need to start alerting players soon.

As for when Operation Deep Freeze starts, the next season kicks off on November 28, giving you a few more weeks to dig into the current season, Operation Heavy Mettle. Deep Freeze includes the previously mentioned new map, as well as a new Defender called Tubaraco and a total rework of R6's frag grenades.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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