New Report Reveals Good News About PS5’s Detachable Disc Drive

Players looking to buy the newly-released PlayStation 5 Slim model have just received some welcome news regarding its detachable disk drive, as the component can reportedly be swapped out rather easily. Earlier this year, Sony announced that it would release a smaller, sleeker version of its hit PS5 console, just as it has in past console generations. This lighter PS5 features all the impressive graphical capabilities and cutting-edge hardware that helped make the original model a massive success in a more storage-friendly package that addresses some of the complaints fans had about the old version’s bulky and unusual design.

This smaller design isn’t the only selling point of the new PlayStation 5 model, as the physical edition includes a detachable disk drive that will connect to the console without the use of a USB port. However, doing so requires an internet connection, which has raised concerns about the PS5 Slim’s disk drive still being able to function after Sony eventually ends support for the system in the far-off future. On the bright side, some players who have already picked up the new PS5 Slim console after it hit US stores late last week have confirmed that replacing a broken disk drive will be quite easy.

This news comes from Mystic, a gaming and tech-centric Youtuber who recently posted a PlayStation 5 Slim unboxing video that goes over how the new detachable disk drive works. According to Mystic and reported by VGC, the drive functions similarly to a peripheral like the PS5 DualSense Controller, in that it will need to connect with the console every time the player resets their PS5. However, once it is registered, the drive can function offline without issue. Additionally, the player can easily swap out multiple disk drives between the same console using a quick internet hook-up, a relief to those who need to replace one quickly.

Unfortunately, the PS5 Slim disk drive won’t read any game disks until it's connected online for its initial paring, meaning any new PS5 Slim console will be essentially useless until it is hooked up to the internet for the very first time - unlike the physical disk version of the old PS5 model. As mentioned before, many PS5 owners looking into this new Slim model are concerned about not being able to play the system if and when Sony decides to shut down the PS5’s online servers, but this will likely be a long time after the eventual PlayStation 6 is released.

Sony might also address this issue in a future update patch, especially since the PS5 Slim model will become the standard console once the original launch-design units run out. Sony is already pulling out the stops to promote its newest PlayStation 5 model by bundling it with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, one of the biggest releases of 2023. Meanwhile, users still have their questions about the PS5 Slim’s detachable disk drive and its internet requirements, though these will likely be answered soon.

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that is great news. but won't be buying a slim with a detach disc drive for a while anyways


Would never get a digital only console anyways. Yeah all my games are digital but you can't even put a movie in if you want to watch a dvd lmao

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