Cities Skylines 2 just fixed our traffic and garbage problems

Cities Skylines 2 traffic problems can be the bane of your existence. You spend hours carefully designing, zoning, and constructing your perfect metropolis, incorporating highway ramps, roundabouts, and intersections to try and keep everything flowing perfectly. And then, for some reason, all your citizens drive wildly between lanes and sit in traffic jams even though there are plenty of other routes. Likewise, Cities Skylines 2 garbage troubles can totally undermine your vision. As waste piles up, happiness drops, pollution rises, and it all starts to unravel. Thanks to a new Cities Skylines 2 patch, however, things are about to get better. There are still troubles, but Paradox and Colossal Order are working hard to improve CS2.

Managing Cities Skylines 2 roads is one of the trickiest but most vital aspects of the entire city building game. At the same time, you need to keep services like garbage running smoothly, or soon your entire town grinds to a standstill. Since the launch of Cities Skylines 2, we’ve had a couple of fundamental problems with traffic and waste. Drivers make inexplicable u-turns and block traffic. Garbage trucks suddenly vanish, and new processing centers and landfills are suddenly overwhelmed out of nowhere. The new CS2 patch is precisely what we need.

First of all, Paradox and Colossal Order have fixed where cars incorrectly or unnecessarily change lanes when multiple lanes are available. If your roads are merging from the left-hand side, Cities Skylines 2 drivers can make some unpredictable moves that end up blocking traffic. Not any more. Likewise, we’ve a lot of vehicles making illegal u-turns on highways so they can use the opposite exit. Again, this creates serious traffic flow problems, but the new Cities Skylines 2 patch delivers a fix.

Cities Skylines 2 garbage production and accumulation calculations have been fixed, so you shouldn’t get new centers instantly filling up. Also, garbage will no longer be suddenly added to the load of your traveling garbage trucks as they move between collection points – if you’ve seen empty or partially filled trucks suddenly reach capacity for no reason, that should now be a thing of the past. Incinerator plants also have increased electricity output now, further balancing the delicate ‘garbage economy.’

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those 2 were def the biggest problems to sort asap fr


I don't see the point in this game really

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