Minecraft Update Lets Players Test New Mob

Minecraft players got a first look at the Breeze mob last month during this year's Minecraft Live event, and now, players can check out this new creature for themselves thanks to the game's latest Snapshot. This windy mob is tied to another new feature, Trial Chambers, which consist of procedurally generated areas where players complete challenges in exchange for treasures. The Breeze will first be tested via Snapshots like these before it goes live for everyone else, so if you want to get a leg up on these Trial Chambers and the Breeze, now's your chance.

As is the case with all Minecraft Snapshots, it's only available for Java players, so all others will have to wait for their turn to check out the Breeze.

Trial Chambers
To first find the Breeze, you'll need to be in a Trial Chamber. Revealed during Minecraft Live alognside the Breeze, these are home to Trial Spawners which are basically modified versions of Monster Spawners. They do spawn creatures, but when the challenge is done, they spit out loot instead.

"The trial chamber is a structure packed with new adventures and filled with traps, trial spawners, mobs, and (as an extra bonus) treasure! Trial chambers are procedurally generated, which means you'll face a new challenge every time you venture into them, and find something different behind each door! Explore deeper and deeper and you might find yourself stumbling across resources that'll help you, or mobs that'll hinder you."

While encountering multiple different monsters should be expected, you'll at some point find a Breeze while doing these challenges.

The Breeze

Described as a "mischevious mob," this Breeze creature can jump around and shoot out blasts of wind at players to do damage and knock back those hit.

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always great to let the players test things out


That is pretty cool of them to do

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