GTA5’s Ned Luke Is Again Teasing Michael’s Return In GTA Online DLC

Ever since Franklin Clinton's return to Grand Theft Auto in GTA Online's 'The Contract' DLC almost two years ago, fans have been speculating ever since that Michael De Santa could be the next major character to make a return with his very own DLC.

Ned Luke, the actor behind Grand Theft Auto 5's Michael De Santa, has once again taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) to tease fans about his potential return. X user Gaming Detective took to the platform to express their desire for Michael's return, saying, "I’d love for Rockstar to release a Michael DLC for GTA Online this winter to properly finish off its storyline". In response, Ned Luke said, "Wouldn’t that be nice?" followed by five star emojis.

There's a strong chance that Luke is just having some fun with fans, but this wouldn't be the first indication the star has made about returning to the series. In mid-2022, Luke posted a short video to his X account, fully kitted out in Cluckin Bell uniform. But what really got fans speculating was Luke saying the line, "Not my idea of a successful retirement".

Further fuel was added to the fire just a few months later, when in-game files revealed that a new scenario spawn point had been added to the game. The spawn point in question was outside of Record A Studios with "movie_set" as the assigned ped model set. As GTA fans will likely be well aware, Michael De Santa was a big movie buff, even going on to work with director Solomon Richards after the events of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Just this week, Ned Luke appeared on the Party Chat podcast alongside Franklin's actor, Shawn Fonteno, where the pair joked about their return in Grand Theft Auto 6. Although Fonteno initially denied being in GTA 6 (before quickly saying he doesn't know), Luke refused to give an answer at all. Although it's unlikely that the pair return for the next installment, fans certainly think Michael is set to return in the next GTA Online DLC.

More often than not, a new GTA Online DLC is announced and released in December, which means there's less than a month to go until the possibility of a new major content update. Alongside the next GTA Online DLC, Rockstar Games recently confirmed that the world would get its very first look at what is expected to be Grand Theft Auto 6 (although Rockstar has yet to officially call it that). It's certainly shaping up to be a busy month for GTA fans.

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if he does return, then good

but no love lost if he doesn't


There's more gta 5 dlc coming !? Damnn lol they won't give up until the day gta 6 online is released

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