Persona 5 Strikers Has Sold Over 2 Million Units

Atlus has announced that Persona 5 Strikers, the action RPG/Musou spin-off to Persona 5, has sold over two million units since release (up from 1.3 million sales in 2021). It first launched in Japan for Nintendo Switch and PS4 in February 2020 before coming to the West in February 2021 for the same platforms and PC.

Developed by Omega Force, it takes place four months after the events of Persona 5 and sees the Phantom Thieves on vacation. Unfortunately, after encountering an up-and-coming idol named Alice Hiiragi, they venture to a Jail, a mysterious version of Tokyo separate from the Palaces. With the help of Sophia, an AI, the group tackles the Monarchs and attempts to solve the mystery of the Jails.

While Persona 5’s combat is turn-based, Strikers is real-time, with players able to ambush enemies, summon Persona to exploit elemental weaknesses and launch All-Out Attacks. Each character has unique skills and play styles to combo in over-the-top ways.

Atlus isn’t done with Persona 5 yet, as another spin-off, Persona 5 Tactica, launches on November 17th for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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they did better than I thought LMAO


I'd say anything in the mild is good for these lower games

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