Braid: Anniversary Edition is Coming to PC and Consoles on April 30

Developer Jonathan Blow has announced that Braid: Anniversary Edition will finally be coming to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Netflix on April 30. The new release date comes thanks to a trailer from Blow’s official YouTube channel which has since been unlisted.

The focus of the new trailer is to showcase the graphical improvements made in Braid: Anniversary Edition over its original 2008 release. The visuals for the game have been “hand-repainted” by artist David Hellman, who worked on the original game as well.

The trailer also showcases other aspects of the game that have been improved for the upcoming release, including improved sounds, as well as mixes of the game’s original soundtrack. Braid: Anniversary Edition will also feature a commentary track, which is set to feature more than 15 hours of developer commentary.

Braid: Anniversary Edition was originally announced all the way back in 2020. The game was originally planned for release in 2021, but has since been delayed quite a bit. The original Braid was a critically-acclaimed title back when it came out, and was one of the games credited for creating an indie boom on consoles since it was originally released on the Xbox 360.

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looks so impressive for the 2024 release

hope there is plenty of piano background music whilst playing the game


Not really something to look forward to lol

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