Sea of Thieves is Getting the PvP-Focused Voyage

Developer Rare has released a new video talking about upcoming content for Sea of Thieves. During the video, the studio announced that a new PvP-focused voyage, dubbed Skull of the Siren Song, will be coming to the game on November 16.

The Skull of the Siren Song voyage will allow crew to opt in to the voyage on finding a ghostly note on their ship’s mast. Once enough teams have opted in for the voyage, Captain Briggsy hands players two maps. All crews part of the voyage will then have to race to the locations found on the maps, with one map pointing to a chest and the other pointing to the key needed to open it.

To promote PvP, the voyage also throws a few more wrenches into things, since unlocking the chest to find the titular skull will also make that ship’s speed slow down quite a bit. The ship will be slowed down until a player can make their way to an outpost to turn in the skull, completing the voyage in the process.

The new voyage comes on the heels of Sea of Thieves recently kicking off season 10, which brought with it the ability for players to team up and form their own guilds. The season focused primarily on social features, including the ability for guilds to share ships. The season will also at some point give players the ability to play on private servers.

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such a great addition for them to receive


That will be a fun thing to add. SoT is pretty dope love the animation to on it

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