Salt and Sacrifice is Out Now on Nintendo Switch and Steam

Salt and Sacrifice—follow-up to Souls-styled metroidvania title Salt and Sanctuary—is out now on PC through Steam and Nintendo Switch. The game, previously available only on PS4, PS5, and the Epic Games Store on PC, is now Steam Deck verified in time for its Steam release.

The game puts players in the shoes of a Marked Inquisitor that has been conscripted to take on Corrupted Mages that are terrorising the Kingdom of Altarstone. Players will be able to choose from eight different starting classes, each with their own play style, as they set off on their quest to purify the kingdom.

As they make their way through Salt and Sacrifice‘s different zones, players will have to track down the Mages by finding clues to progress in their Mage hunts. Enemies players will face include Pyromancer, Venomancer, and even Corpumancers. Defeating these Mages will allow players to use their bones to craft new weaposn and armor.

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nice to see some more games reaching Switch and Steam


At least some psn games are coming to others then

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