Nintendo Switch Online and Expansion Pack Cross 38 Million Subscribers

In its second quarter fiscal year 2024 financial results, Nintendo provided updated figures for Nintendo Switch Online and Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers. The two services total over 38 million accounts as of September 30th, up from the 36 million announced last year. The recently released F-Zero 99, exclusive to the service, is also “enjoyed by many people.”

Nintendo also revealed that despite being in its seventh year, over 100 million users have played the Nintendo Switch in the last 12 months, which includes “people of all ages, from children to seniors.” Of course, it notes that this only counts those who have connected to the internet and consented to providing stats to Nintendo.

Only those with Nintendo Accounts who played Nintendo Switch software are included, not those using the eShop or non-software services. Furthermore, it acknowledges that multiple individuals may share the same console, “which means that hardware sell-through is not necessarily the maximum possible value for the number of annual playing users.”

It may sound negative, but it reinforces the company’s drive to continue releasing new titles and content for the console “without being bound by the traditional concept of the platform lifecycle,” per president Shutaro Furukawa. Stay tuned for further updates on additions and services for Nintendo Switch Online in the coming months.

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they have seriously made an impact


Damn. Subscriptions really are taking over in the gaming world

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