Super Mario Bros. Wonder Has Sold 4.3 Million Units

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Bros. Wonder sold 4.3 million units worldwide within the first two weeks of its October 20 launch. The company revealed the 2D platformer’s sales numbers in a recently published quarterly fiscal presentation, where it also confirmed that it has become the fastest-selling Super Mario-related title to date.

Of course, Mario games generally tend to enjoy long tails where their sales are concerned, and that is something Nintendo notes as well, stating that it expects Super Mario Bros. Wonder to sell very well during the upcoming Holiday season and beyond.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has enjoyed widespread acclaim from critics, and has also got off to a promising start where regional sales are concerned. It debuted on top of physical Japanese charts with over 638,000 units sold (the third-biggest launch ever for a Mario game in the region), saw the fifth-biggest physical launch of the year in the UK, and became the fastest-selling Mario game ever in Europe.

Nintendo recently also revealed that the Switch has sold 132.46 million units worldwide. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has hit 19.5 million worldwide sales, while Pikmin 4 stands at 2.61 million units sold. Updated sales for the Switch’s ten best-selling first party titles have also been revealed.

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great to see the mario bros doing so well


Mostly children buying this crap

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