Fortnite Chapter 5 Map Has Seemingly Leaked

A Fortnite dataminer has seemingly uncovered Chapter 5's map in the files for Fortnite: OG, giving us a look at the next big change that's coming to The Island.

Although most Fortnite players currently seem to just be enjoying looking back into the past and reliving 2018 with the OG mini-season, there are some who are diving into the game's future. One such player is Twitter user ImPeQu, who has been searching through the game's files following its most recent update, and seems to have uncovered something pretty huge.

As pointed out by Twitter user FortniteBR, ImPeQu appears to have found a map that shows what The Island is going to look like for Chapter 5 of the game. For those who don't know, The Island usually sees some minor tweaks and additions in between seasons of Fortnite, but it changes much more drastically for each Chapter, usually getting rid of most of the main landmarks and replacing them with something new.

The map that ImPeQu managed to uncover from the game's files shows that's going to be the case once again for Chapter 5. Although the version of the map, which is codenamed "HELIOS_TERRAIN", doesn't highlight any of the landmarks and simply shows the map layout, it does at least give us an idea of what it's going to look like and how big it's going to be.

From what we can see so far, it looks like the map will once again have a range of biomes, from snowy hills in the South of the map, to what appears to be more dusty deserts to the North. You can also see a much greener section of The Island in the middle, and what seems to be dark green forest areas in the Northeast.

Although it's impossible to tell for sure until we see all of the map's highlights and get told about what unique gameplay elements are being added for Chapter 5, it does seem like this map is pretty standard fare for Fortnite, with nothing particularly jumping out from this glimpse that we've got.

ImPeQu has promised that more Chapter 5 leaks are going to be coming in the future, but for now they did also reveal that the Chapter 5 map is using Chapter 2's water and Chapter 4's grass models. Not sure if that'll play into much in the future beyond confirming water and grass for Chapter 5 (shocker), but it's still interesting to know for now.

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looks good, but don't get rid of that og map though


Yo if they don't keep the Og map people just going to leave again

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