GTA 6 Reportedly Expected to Release Spring 2025

Grand Theft Auto VI may be targeting a release in the first half of 2025. Rockstar Games has been keep fans on the edge of their seat with regards to Grand Theft Auto 6 for years now. Fans have been waiting to get their first official glimpse at the game for the better part of a decade since Grand Theft Auto V was released in 2013 and Red Dead Redemption 2, the studio's last game, was released in 2018. At the start of 2022, Rockstar Games acknowledged the next Grand Theft Auto game for the first time and then proceeded to invoke its name on several other occasions throughout the year, most notably when over an hour of footage from the game leaked online. However, it has been over a year since Rockstar last acknowledged the next GTA game. We have no idea when it's coming, when it will be revealed, or anything else.

However, we may have gotten some additional context. Reputable Rockstar Games insider Tez2 took to the GTAForums and noted that he had heard that developers within Rockstar Games are not expecting GTA 6 to release until spring 2025. It sounds like this is just speculation from the developers, which is pretty interesting since you'd think they'd have some idea of the deadline they're working with. Tez2 suggested that a reveal could happen later this year to coincide with Rockstar Games' 25th anniversary around December. Whether that happens or not is up in the air as Tez seems to be speculating on that front. We can all hope, but fans have tried to predict the reveal date before and been left disappointed and frustrated.

Either way, it sounds like we still have a bit of waiting to do for GTA 6. There's a chance that this rumor pans out to be false and the game does target a 2024 release or it could come in fall 2025. Either way, hopefully Rockstar Games starts talking about the game soon so at the very least, fans have something to mull over while they wait for the full release.

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as long as they release it without any bugs, then it'll be worth the wait


Boruto I'd rather wait for the final product to come out polished rather than a buggy piece of junk.

You'll take your buggy piece of shit or nothing!


I'd rather wait for the final product to come out polished rather than a buggy piece of junk.


Damn still 2 more years !? It's going to be a long slow wait !

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