The Last of Us Multiplayer Game is Still in Development, Director Says

Recent weeks have been tumultuous ones for Naughty Dog as a studio. Reports emerged in May that its standalone multiplayer The Last of Us project – touted as the studios’ most ambitious project ever – had seen its development team scaled back following an internal re-evaluation, while last month, Naughty Dog was also hit with layoffs that saw the developer letting go at least 25 contract employees.

But though many may have feared that the game had been cancelled, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Vinit Agarwal, game director on the multiplayer title, recently took to Twitter and provided a brief update, confirming that it is still in development, and that his work on the project is continuing.

Last month, it was reported that the multiplayer project had been put “on ice”, though it hadn’t been completely cancelled. Shortly afterward, it emerged that Anders Howard – who was the Principal Monetization Designer on the title – had left Naughty Dog.

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they need to release it when they release TLOU3 fr


Idk if it will be worth it really

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