Project 007 is “the Ultimate Spycraft Fantasy” – IO Interactive

While IO Interactive continues to support Hitman World of Assassination, it’s also working on other projects, including fantasy RPG Project Dragon and Project 007. The latter is based on James Bond and serves as an origin story for the fictional spy. While few details are known about the gameplay (aside from potentially having sandbox storytelling akin to Hitman), IO Interactive says it will be “the ultimate spycraft fantasy.”

CEO Hakan Abran said this to EDGE in Issue 391, with the magazine reporting that its tone is “closer to Daniel Craig than Roger Moore” while the gameplay is “perhaps a more scripted experience than Hitman’s free-form jaunts.” Gadgets are likely, but again, time will tell. Despite citing actors who have portrayed Bond, Project 007’s version of the super spy is new.

However, IO Interactive is examining the IP thoroughly, from books to films, to create their version. There’s no release date for Project 007, but based on the developer’s financial report back in September 2022, it could launch between April 2025 and March 2026. As always, stay tuned for more details.

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if they're really going to release a 007 game,
they need to modernise it fr ffs


these games are out dated but if good money and time is spent on the newer one(s) it could maybe be pretty dope

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