Nintendo and Microsoft won’t allow horror game Christmas Massacre

A developer has claimed that it is unable to release its upcoming game on Nintendo and Xbox platforms because the companies won’t allow it.

Christmas Massacre, a PS1-style horror game, will be released on PlayStation later this month, but when asked by fans if it would come to other platforms, developer Puppet Combo responded “Only PlayStation will allow it.”

A trailer for the game, which was posted to Twitter, shows the player playing as Santa, using a flamethrower to seemingly kill children and nuns in a school.

In another series of tweets, the developer responded to fans saying the game was “too crazy for Switch,” and “too crazy for Xbox.”

Puppet Combo’s previous game, Cannibal, which features similar horror themes and a PS1-style, is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, so it’s unclear why Christmas Massacre is allegedly unable to release on the platforms.

All three platforms feature a myriad of violent games, so the reasons for the game allegedly being rejected from Microsoft and Nintendo’s platforms are unclear.

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so, this is POSTAL with a Xmas theme

Oh goody :lipbite:


such softys its weird asf and annoying

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