Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree Gets New Development Update

A new update on Elden Ring's highly-anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree has been provided by FromSoftware's parent company. In the early portion of 2023, FromSoftware announced that it was working on new content for Elden Ring. Since the time of this announcement, no new information on Shadow of the Erdtree has come about, which has led to a multitude of questions from fans. Fortunately, this lingering silence has now been broken, although there's still not much that is known.

As mentioned in the latest financial briefing from Kadokawa, the corporation behind FromSoftware said that the development of Elden Ring's DLC is "proceeding smoothly." Kadokawa didn't go on to share anything else but instead stressed that the "release timing of DLC for Elden Ring has not yet been announced." When this launch window would be divulged wasn't said, but the fact that Kadokawa brought up the expansion in any capacity is a positive sign and means that it's growing closer to seeing the light of day.

Based on recent rumors that have been making the rounds, FromSoftware is said to be targeting a release in early 2024 for Shadow of the Erdtree. As for when the DLC will make its next appearance, the 2023 iteration of The Game Awards, which is taking place in early December, is a venue to keep an eye on. In the past, FromSoftware has chosen host Geoff Keighley's various events as locations in which to make big announcements. In fact, The Game Awards 2022 saw FromSoftware revealing Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon for the first time. With this in mind, it wouldn't be a shock to see FromSoftware unveiling the first-ever trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree alongside a launch date for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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looking forward to the DLC fr


the dlc should be really great for this game

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