Canceled Daredevil Game for PS2 Leaks Online

A canceled video game tied to the Marvel superhero Daredevil has now seen the light of day after having been scrapped nearly 20 years ago. Prior to the days of Marvel's Spider-Man, Marvel's Avengers, and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel video games used to be a bit more common. While many of these Marvel titles were often associated with various movies that came about, others were independent and told their own original stories. Now, a Daredevil game in this same vein has been unearthed, given fans a taste of what could have been.

Shown off by Hidden Palace, an expansive look at Daredevil: The Man Without Fear has appeared online. Developed by studio 5,000 Ft., Daredevil was in the works for PlayStation 2 and Xbox and was a third-person action game based on Frank Miller's run of comics. The Man Without Fear would have given players a number of unique abilities associated with the character including one that would allow players to view the "Shadow World" around them, which was meant to be a visual representation of Daredevil's heightened senses. As for the plot of the game, it was said to be based on the "Elektra Lives Again" storyline from Marvel comics and would have seen Daredevil primarily squaring off with Kingpin.

When it comes to Daredevil: The Man Without Fear's cancellation, the project is said to have eventually been scrapped due to Marvel's refusal to approve the project. In short, a number of changes were made to The Man Without Fear throughout its development that Marvel originally didn't sign off on. As the project continued to change, various developers were said to have slowly abandoned the game before its work came to a natural close. Fortunately, prototypes of Daredevil: The Man Without Fear have continued to exist over the past few decades and have now been made available to view online thanks to an anonymous developer who previously worked on the title.

Strangely, the emergence of this canned Daredevil project has come about at a time when the hero is rumored to be showing up in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Since the launch of Spider-Man 2 a few weeks back, players have started to uncover a handful of references that seem to be related to Daredevil. When the game's director Bryan Intihar was asked about this, he teased that it was a "good question" but didn't have anything further to say for the time being.

The implication here is that those at Insomniac Games may be working on DLC for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 that will end up featuring Daredevil. Currently, no such add-on content for Spider-Man 2 has been announced, but Insomniac also hasn't ruled out its potential just yet. Time will only tell if DLC will happen whatsoever, but if it does, it seems quite feasible that Daredevil will end up playing a part.

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they can easily run it through a different engine to modernise it, and bring this out on the PS4/5


broo why ? this game would have been so sick ! back when they made good single player games to

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