Fortnite Gets Massive Player Count Spike

Fortnite has recently seen an incredible increase in players as Chapter 4 Season 5 officially begins. The immense rise in player count coincides with the season's introduction of the OG map, which brings back the original map to Fortnite.

The beginning of Chapter 4 Season 5 sees the return of the original map from 2017, dubbed simply as "OG." While maintaining the current gameplay mechanics, the original Fortnite map welcomes back popular locations such as Tilted Towers, Paradise Palms, Loot Lake, and many others. Since then, Fortnite has evolved into the well-known battle royale title that the gaming industry is familiar with. Thanks to the OG map, millions of players are logging in to land their favorite spots that were once a part of the game years ago.

November 3 sees the start of Chapter 4 Season 5, named "Season OG" based on the gameplay trailer for the season. Within just a day, the Fortnite player count climbed to an all-time peak at 5,471,208 players. This statistic reflects more than triple the number of players that have been accounted for since April 2023, right in the middle of Chapter 4 Season 2. According to Fortnite.GG, the data reads a somewhat continuous climb from April 2023 with 1,834,545 players to November's 5,471,208 count.

The data then accumulated with 2,126,246 players in June 2023, around when Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 was in motion. July 2023 saw a small dip with 1,811,203 players then steadily climbed once more the following month with 2,817,867. Subsequent months would see similar numbers, all while maintaining an average count of a million players. At the time of writing, however, the number is holding strong at its all-time high of 5,471,208 players.

Chapter 4 Season 5, or Season OG, not only sees the original map's comeback with famous locations from the past but also weapons, vehicles, and traps that haven't appeared in Fortnite for quite some time. The original map's return can be seen as a full-circle experience, as exemplified by the season's key art that mirrors Fortnite's original art for the battle royale mode. It should be noted that Season OG isn't a complete 1:1 reproduction of Fortnite from 2017; its current gaming mechanics shall remain present in the game (such as mantling and running).

Season OG has premiered with a significant rise in players who are most likely logging in to relive their days of playing on the original map and its famous list of locations. The amount merely reflects the season's starting numbers, and it's clear that Fortnite players were missing their original battleground from Epic Games.

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yeah, they have been missing the OG map fr


I haven't even touched this yet!


Og map it will die off once the revert to notmal


ofc it did babyy the og maps back ! and guns !

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