Steam Deck Now Has More Than 12,000 Games Certified as Playable

The Steam Deck has been quite a success for Valve, having essentially defined the handheld gaming PC since its release. As caught by GamingOnLinux, the Steam Deck now has more than 12,000 games available on Steam that have been marked as at least playable on the system.

According to SteamDB, the Steam Deck now has 4,046 games graded as Verified for play on Steam Deck, and 8,025 as Playable, which brings the total up to 12,071 games. Steam still has 3,523 games marked as Unsupported on the system. It is worth noting that, in many cases, the Unsupported tag on games can be either outdated, or the games just haven’t seen much in the way of testing on the Steam Deck.

Quite a few major video game releases on PC these days are launched on Steam with the developer going the extra mile to ensure Steam Deck compatibility. Most recently, we saw this with the Steam release of Diablo 4. Plenty of other major games in 2023 have also been Verified for the Steam Deck, including Baldur’s Gate 3, Dead Space and Hogwarts Legacy.

Valve recently started selling refurbished Steam Decks, with repairs on the system having been done completely in-house.

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they're certainly decking up with the games library


lots of good games for the steam deck players !

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