Alan Wake Remastered Has Recouped its Development and Marketing Costs

Alan Wake 2 is out now, and though it’s a bit early in its life to see how well it’s doing where sales are concerned, it seems the series as a whole is bringing in the money for developer Remedy Entertainment nonetheless.

Alan Wake Remastered, which launched for modern hardware in the lead-up to the survival horror sequel’s launch, is seemingly continuing to sell well. In a recently published quarterly fiscal report, Remedy confirmed that over the course of the previous quarter of the year (July-September), the remaster was able to recoup its development and marketing costs, driving a year-on-year growth in royalties for the Finnish studio. Doubtless, the excitement surrounding Alan Wake 2 will have driven sales for the original game’s remaster.

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happy days. game deserves to roll the money in


good for them and good to see it succeed

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