Terraria crossplay testing is underway

Terraria crossplay is something we’ve all been desperately hoping to see happen for a long time. I’ve played the sandbox sensation on numerous platforms over the years, but ultimately, while the controller support is remarkably robust, it’s definitely a game I like to play on PC where I can. Not all my friends are in the same boat, however, so I’m looking forward to the day when we can all join the same game from each of our personal platforms of choice.

As part of its latest Terraria State of the Game for October 2023, where it also reveals a spooky new Terraria vampire bat transformation and several other handy additions coming to one of the best sandbox games with the upcoming Terraria update 1.4.5, developer Re-Logic gives us an update on the state of crossplay – and it turns out we’ve already seen it in action.

“It is worth sharing at this point that the image we shared in the July State of the Game [which was at the time presented as a “fun little collage of a recent testing session”] was shot in a live crossplay environment – as some of you surmised!” Re-Logic caveats, however, that the feature still has a long way to go before it’s ready for the public.

“Please note that we do NOT expect crossplay to be available until a while after Terraria 1.4.5 releases and all hotfixes, etc. are complete,” it adds. “Crossplay will take place in two phases; this is only phase one. We still need to go through the hoops and processes with first parties [console manufacturers and platform holders such as Valve], and (as you can imagine) this feature will need a lot of testing.”

That testing, as Re-Logic reveals, is already underway, and the team says it is “planning to keep that testing going up to and through the release of 1.4.5, so we can get crossplay phase one (more details on that at a later time) into your hands as soon as possible.” However, it reiterates that this won’t be until a while after not just the Terraria 1.4.5 release date, but after all the main post-launch fixes for it have rolled out as well.

I’m very happy to hear that things are coming along well – I know that achieving feature parity across the versions was a long time in the making, and so I’m glad to see that Re-Logic is well on its way to finally realizing its dream of making cross-platform Terraria a reality. However long that takes, it’ll all be worth it once we get there.

Until that day arrives, you can content yourself with the best Terraria mods – there you’ll find plenty of great ways to freshen up your game with all manner of new tricks and trinkets, along with lots of new additions to the roster of Terraria bosses if you’ve truly mastered all the fights that the base game has to offer.

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always nice to see them testing out crossplays for games


this is a funny game kinda too have crossplay

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