Elden Ring Developer FromSoftware Begins Hiring for Multiple New Games

FromSoftware, the acclaimed Japanese studio behind titles like Elden Ring, Dark Souls, and most recently, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, has started hiring in droves for a number of new games. Over the past decade, FromSoftware has become one of the most well-known developers in the world, primarily as it helped establish the massively popular "Soulslike" subgenre. Now, after having a number of big titles release sequentially, it looks like FromSoftware is gearing up to go bigger than ever before.

As reported originally by IGN Japan, FromSoftware has started a new recruiting effort for "several new projects" at the studio. Details on these projects haven't been specified, but FromSoftware is essentially looking to hire for every possible role that could be available at the company. From programmers, to engineers, to artists, FromSoftware is staffing up in a big way which suggests that the studio is growing at a very rapid rate.

Generally speaking, it's not that shocking to see that FromSoftware would expand in this manner given its success in recent years. With Elden Ring, in particular, FromSoftware's open-world action title sold over 20 million copies in a single calendar year, making it the biggest release that the developer has ever seen. Hot off the heels of this achievement, it seemed likely that FromSoftware would end up growing quite a bit, which is now what we're seeing come to fruition.

Currently, FromSoftware hasn't announced what it will next be looking to release. Outside of Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, which was unveiled earlier this year, FromSoftware hasn't shared with fans what its next game release might be. As we've seen from the studio previously, though, there typically isn't a huge gap between titles for FromSoftware, which means we could learn more about what the developer is up to quite soon.

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Liana needs to apply for this fr

she needs to get my xmas gifts in asap


This is great news! Keep the amazing games rolling.


Can't wait to see what they have in store !

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