Xbox Error 0x82d6002 Suggests Third-Party Controller Ban Is Coming

Over the last few days, many Xbox users have been hit with the 0x82d6002 error, which warns that they're using an unauthorized accessory and says that those accessories will be blocked on November 12, 2023. As you'd expect this is concerning information as many users rely on third-party controllers to play on their Xbox Series X/S consoles. The caveat here is that the error is not affecting every third-party controller, so if you're a user you might be in the clear. It's also possible that Xbox could reverse its new stance or potentially provide some type of workaround for players using third-party controllers.

Brook Gaming was one of the first companies to identify the issue in its controllers and made a statement on Twitter. As you can see above, the error is only hitting some of its products, while others still have partial functionality. It's not immediately clear what the difference is, but Windows Central has heard from sources claiming that this is part of Microsoft "lifting restrictions on the ability for third-party hardware manufacturers to build wireless accessories for Xbox Series X/S devices."

If this is the case, it seems likely that the issue is starting to crop up as Microsoft beefs up its security to ensure that no one is doing anything out-of-bounds with their new controllers. Because of that, we may see the affected third-party controllers be usable somewhere down the line as Microsoft figures everything out.

For now, users would be best served using either first-party controllers or officially licensed products. The companies that currently have a deal with Microsoft include:

Turtle Beach

If you stick with those controllers, you should be in the clear. If you're already using something else, it's probably not worth throwing it in the trash just yet until Microsoft makes some kind of official announcement about the impending third-party ban. Thus far, the company hasn't said anything, but as more people run into the issue, it will likely make some type of announcement to explain the situation and deliver any potential workarounds it might have in store. The most likely of which may be requiring controller manufacturers to purchase an official license to get their product back in working order.

Are Cronus Or XIM Accessories Being Banned?
The next thought many players have, particularly FPS fans, is if Cronus or XIM accessories will also be banned. These accessories allow players to trick a console into thinking their keyboard and mouse are an Xbox controller, giving them an advantage in games like Call of Duty. They're also used as accessibility tools for users who can more easily control a keyboard and mouse than a controller.

It's very possible that these accessories may join the list of banned controllers soon, but there's currently no evidence of that happening. That said, the update is relatively recent and is seemingly still being fine-tuned by the Xbox team, so don't be surprised if that news changes in the next few weeks as we get closer to the November 12 ban date.

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yeah, ban that shit. let ms be he one to add the additional features to their controllers


good they need to do it to keep the bs off games they already get aim assist haha


This is pretty awesome, I hope steam follows this idea. Getting XIMs out would be great too

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