Xbox Game Pass Users Say Critics Are Wrong About Its Big New Game

One of Xbox Game Pass' biggest new games is not very good according to critics, which has prompted some Xbox Game Pass subscribers to come to the game's defense and declare it's better than its reviews suggest. The mystery game in question is Gotham Knights, which was released last year, but only recently came to Xbox Game Pass. And as some Xbox fans will know, the Xbox Series X version of the game on Metacritic boasts a score of only 64. This is pretty lackluster, especially for a major AAA video game with the Batman IP attached to it. As noted, some Xbox Game Pass subscribers don't agree with this assessment of the DC game.

"Anyone else having a good time in Gotham Knights," reads a post over on the Xbox Game Pass Reddit page. 'I'm only like four hours in but so far it's been pretty fun. A little after I started I thought it felt and looked really good so I went to look at the Metacritic score and it was like 63 or something. Not taking into account the story because I just started it, I think the score probably deserves to be a bit higher. I've played the Arkham games so I know how that combat feels. This combat isnt that, it's different but still fun. And after enjoying Starfield at 30 fps and playing this, I'm starting to realize why some studios choose sparkling visuals over higher fps. Gotham Knights is definitely worth a try if you're curious about it."

Of course, not everyone in the comments of the post agrees, but many of them do. While no one is suggesting it's the best game ever, many seem to think it's better than reviews suggest and worth trying if you're interested.

"Great game, really enjoying it. Not a game I would spent 60 on myself, but definitely worth a try on Game Pass," reads one comment. "Yeah I really liked it, the perfect game for Game Pass, I think it was way too criticized at launch," adds a second comment.

"People were mostly upset it wasn't Arkham 4. I bought it back in August for about $30 and had a great time with it. No regrets here, except maybe if I had waited I would have had a co-op buddy," reads a third comment.

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yeah, I would say the fan base is bigger than MS is reporting

and I wouldn't go with the reviews. play the game yourself, and see if you enjoy it


Gotham Knights is a fantastic game! Reminds me of the Arkham games and is overall really fun to play.
A second version with 60+ fps would make this game even better as its worthy.


the game looks pretty great !


The game looked pretty sick to me and graphics are amazing fr

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