Little Nightmares 3 Trailer Shows Off 18 Minutes of Gameplay

Little Nightmares 3 got a new trailer this week that showcased more of the multiplayer gameplay that'll be featured in the next main game in the Little Nightmares series. It features the two protagonists from the game, Low and Alone, who look for a way out of The Nowhere which, in this particular trailer, has them surviving in The Necropolis. What's more, the trailer in question shows over 18 minutes worth of gameplay, so it's something that's been worth the wait for those wanting to learn more about the threequel ever since it was announced during Gamescom 2023.

For those wondering why the whole focus is on co-op here in the new trailer, it's because that feature is a notable detour from how Little Nightmares games usually play. Little Nightmares 2, a game we liked quite a bit here at ComicBook, features more than one main character with players having to trust their AI partner to solve puzzles with them, but the game itself wasn't co-op even if the help of the NPC made it seem that way. For Little Nightmares 3, however, the developers are taking the leap to co-op.

The tone and style of the Little Nightmares 3 trailer should look familiar if you've played the other two main games in the series. The eerie settings feature objects, environments, and threats considerably larger than Low and Alone, and it's got almost a storybook feel to it this time as the pair solve environmental puzzles by shooting hanging crates, clamoring up and down ladders, and more.

"The nightmare begins in a strange and unsettling city powered by gusting winds and known for certain death – the Necropolis," a preview of the trailer from Bandai Namco explained. "Join these two little ones as they attempt to face the many hidden hazards of these desolate sands and ruins, equipped with Low's bow and arrows and Alone's wrench. Try to creep carefully, though... No one gets to toddle through Monster Baby's playground without a little game of hide and seek."

For those who may not have been keeping up with Little Nightmares news as of late, the co-op gameplay is the big to-do about this game other than the fact that it's a continuation of a beloved series, but you don't have to play with someone else and can play with an AI companion if you prefer. Unfortunately, there's no couch co-op support in Little Nightmares 3. The game only features online co-op, so you'll need an online buddy with their own copy if you want to play with someone else.

Another point to note is that the game is not being made by Tarsier Studios, the studio that made the first two games. Instead, it's being developed by Supermassive Games, the studio responsible for The Dark Pictures Anthology among other like horror games such as The Quarry.

Little Nightmares 3 does not yet have a release date but will be released at some point in 2024.

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these games are always fun to play co-op fr


God that camera angle and gameplay would drive me insane so fast. I could never play this or even watch much gameplay

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