Payday 3 Patch Delayed Due to Errors That Could Wipe Progression

The first post-launch patch for Starbreeze’s controversial Payday 3 still doesn’t have a release date after multiple delays. However, a new official post is available and shines a light on what’s happening.

While there’s no ETA for the patch, it’s been “sent off” and is going through testing and certification to ensure parity on all platforms. As for the reasons behind the delay, the reason is “very long and complicated”, but Starbreeze discovered “critical errors” with its update pipeline after launching the game. If left unaddressed, player progression was at risk of being wiped.

Of course, addressing these also ensures a “solid test environment.” Delays are disappointing, but the development isn’t too happy either. “Again, we apologize for our silence. We see your frustration and anger, and we can assure you this is not a situation we want to be in.”

Payday 3 is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. It launched with severe matchmaking errors on day one, preventing many from accessing it. Though the situation improved, the sequel has faced criticism for its weapon balance, lack of content, challenge-based progression, and more.

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they seriously are having a hard time fixing this game

maybe it's time to scrap it and refund those who purchased ffs


That would be terrible but hilarious ! I don't play the game so wouldn't effect me

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