Super Mario Bros. Wonder Sets New Record

Super Mario Bros. Wonder released on Nintendo Switch last week, and the game became an immediate success with critics. It seems the game is already a commercial success as well, because Super Mario Bros. Wonder is now the fastest-selling Super Mario game in Europe. That news comes from Nintendo of Europe's official Twitter account, though no sales data was provided. However, we do have Japanese sales data from Famitsu (via Gematsu), where the game was the top-selling title last week with a stunning 668,634 copies sold. That number is significantly higher than Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which came in at number two with 77,348 copies sold.

The Tweet from Nintendo of Europe can be found embedded below.

It's worth noting that Famitsu's numbers for Super Mario Bros. Wonder only include retail sales, so this would not include digital sales on the eShop; this means that number is likely significantly higher. At this time, no sales data for North America has been revealed. Information from the region tends to come in slower than Europe and Japan, so that's not unexpected. Nintendo will often announce milestone numbers, so if Super Mario Bros. Wonder quickly breaks a few million copies worldwide, it's possible we'll know that in the near future.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Critical Praise
As Super Mario Bros. Wonder's impressive sales data starts to come in, it's worth noting that the game has proven to be a huge critical success, as well. The game currently has a Metacritic score of 93, putting it ahead of many of this year's biggest games. Reviewers have compared it to Super Mario World, with many calling it the best 2D Mario game in decades.

Strong critical praise likely helped spur some sales, but the game also happens to be the first new Mario title since The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The film earned more than a billion dollars at the global box office, ensuring a sequel and possible spin-offs. Fans were likely hungry for a major new Mario game, and the timing couldn't have been better!

Upcoming Mario Games
Alongside The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is clearly going to be one of Nintendo's hottest games of the holiday season; that already seemed evident, but this early sales data certainly seems to prove it. The company still has several other Mario games in the works, including one title set to arrive on Nintendo Switch next month. Super Mario RPG will be releasing on November 17th, offering a remake of a beloved Super Nintendo game. In early 2024, Mario and his supporting cast will appear in multiple new games and remakes, including Mario vs. Donkey Kong (coming February 16th), Princess Peach: Showtime! (March 22nd), and Luigi's Mansion 2 HD (summer 2024).

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yeah, crazy how it's so popular nowadays

but well done to them fr


Crazy every game is almost the same and they still set records and sell good !

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