Risk of Rain Returns Launches on November 8th

Hopoo Games has announced that Risk of Rain Returns, a remaster of the developer’s side-scrolling rogue-lite, will launch on November 8th for PC and Nintendo Switch. It will cost $14.99 but receive a 15 percent discount for a short period.

The developer also revealed some new details for the title, like the Pilot joining the roster of playable Survivors. He utilizes Clusterfire, which fires a burst shot that can pierce through enemies on the third hit, and Rapid Deployment, a Utility skill that sees him launching into the air and raining down fire with his arsenal.

There’s also Target Acquired, a Secondary skill which auto-targets enemies diagonally below if you’re airborne and airborne enemies if you’re on the ground. His Special Ability, Airstrike, also damages enemies several times and launches them, priming them for Target Acquired. In addition to all this, the Pilot also has three unlockable alternate abilities.

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oh hell yeah!! love the side-scrolling type of games

this one looks really cool


It's Definitely not my type of game !

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