PS5 Update Makes Helpful Change for PS Plus Premium Subscribers

Sony has added a new PlayStation 5 dashboard icon to help PS Plus Premium subscribers know which games they can stream. The new PlayStation 5 dashboard icon may be part of SIE's improvements to its cloud streaming feature before its launch in North America.

The arrival of the PlayStation 5's cloud streaming feature was a long time coming. PlayStation 5 owners may recall that it was previously rumored to be coming to the popular video game console, along with Discord integration. Although the latter feature arrived earlier this year, it was only in October that SIE confirmed that the PlayStation 5's cloud streaming feature will launch in North America on October 30, with Japan and Europe getting it first. Back then, SIE Content Communications Senior Director Sid Shuman revealed that various games from the PlayStation 1 to the PlayStation 5, as well as game trials and digital PlayStation 5 games from PS Plus Premium subscriber's game library, would support cloud streaming.

To better help PlayStation 5 users know which of their games are playable on the PlayStation 5's cloud streaming feature, SIE added a new icon to the console's user interface. PlayStation 5 owners in North America should look out for a cloud-like symbol with a PS Plus logo underneath their games come October 30. Games with this icon, such as Genshin Impact, NieR Replicant, and Cyberpunk 2077, are playable via cloud streaming. They can also play these games in 720p to 4K resolutions, though they must have the recommended internet bandwidth to play them in the resolution they want. For instance, Shuman recommends a bandwidth of 52 Mbps for 4K cloud streaming and 38 Mbps for 1440p.

However, PlayStation 5 users should keep in mind that they need to have a PS Plus Premium subscription to access the new cloud streaming feature and see the new UI icon on their dashboard. Additionally, the PlayStation 5's cloud streaming feature requires a minimum internet speed of 5 Mbps for it to function. It also doesn't support PS VR2 games and disc-based PlayStation 5 games. Moreover, only supported PlayStation 5 games available through the Monthly Games will be available for streaming as long as they redeem the game during the month it's offered.

Nevertheless, the imminent arrival of the PlayStation 5's cloud streaming feature is a boon to PlayStation 5 users with a PS Plus Premium subscription but can't upgrade their console's storage. While SIE let PlayStation 5 users double their console's storage in a recent update, doing so may be expensive and difficult - they must have the correct SSD and the know-how to install it. This feature lets PlayStation 5 users play games without installing them on their console, allowing them to use the storage they would've used for other games or applications.

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