My Time At Sandrock Latest Trailer Showcases NPCs And Side Activities

Developer Pathea is hard at work on its upcoming sandbox simulator My Time At Sandrock, and the team has been doing a good job of keeping fans updated with a constant drip of informative trailers. The latest trailer (which you can check out below) sheds a light on the characters that populate this world.

Much like its predecessors, My Time at Sandrock will feature plenty of traders that not only give you a medium of selling or purchasing goods but you can also interact with them to get to know more about the world. The trailer showcases different merchants related to building, food, science, and much more.

In addition to this, we also got a brief look at the side activities on offer which range from card games to friendly fencing to slide races and much more. The developer also stated that seasonal events will add even more content to the experience, which should make My Time At Sandrock a game that’s worth sinking your teeth into.

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these games are always crazy fun to play


Always Love games and story's with side quests and other things to do and explore

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