PS5 Slim Disc Drive Requires Internet Connection

New leaks have surfaced about the recently-revealed PS5 Slim model, revealing an internet connection will be required to pair the detachable disc drive. PS5 fans and industry insiders have frequently speculated about the possibility of a new model of Sony's newest console, previously suggesting a PS5 Pro may be on the way in the future. Sony has often released multiple hardware revisions for its past consoles, both with slim model versions as well as Pro models upgrading the power of the platform. Now, the new Slim model PS5 will include one concerning caveat.

Sony officially confirmed the upcoming PS5 Slim earlier this month, revealing the console's first hardware revision for a November 2023 release. The Slim model will debut at a price point of $499.99 with a slimmer form factor, significantly reducing both the size and weight of the console. The Slim model will also debut the long-rumored detachable disc drive, allowing players to freely remove the console's Blu-Ray drive with the detachable drive sold separately. However, new information has now revealed that players will require an internet connection in order to sync up the detachable drive.

PlayStation fans have already begun to discover bundles for the PS5 Slim and some have noticed a particularly concerning point about the consoles. A recently discovered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 bundle has revealed the detachable disc drive will require an internet connection to pair with the console. The supposed online requirement has raised concerns about preservation with the PS5, suggesting players may not be able to pair disc drives after the console's servers are sunsetted. Sony has not officially released any details about the online requirement.

The upcoming PS5 Slim is not the only PS5-adjacent hardware to be recently showcased by Sony with another major platform in the works. Sony revealed Project Q earlier this year as a new handheld device for the PS5 focused around Remote Play. The handheld platform was revealed as an 8-inch HD display with control inputs on the side, allowing players to use the PS5's built-in Remote Play function to play their games away from a TV screen. Project Q was not suggested to be coming as a competitor to other handheld consoles like the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch.

A new PS5 model comes as the platform has several major games set to release throughout the rest of 2023. Insomniac recently debuted Marvel's Spider-Man 2 to roaring success, becoming the fastest-selling PlayStation Studios game within a day of its launch. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is set to launch next month, with the first bundles for the PS5 Slim rumored to feature the highly-anticipated shooter. The PS5 Slim should look to make a splash this holiday season around multiple blockbuster game releases.

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such a stupid thing, they seriously need to amend this nonsense before they release the PS5 slim ffs


What a massive load of bullshit lmao, this is ridiculous!


That is the dumbest thing I ever heard wtf. You shouldn't need internet for any console so sick of them doing this bs in all nex gen consoles


That'd stop be buying for sure. There's really a battle against physical discs going on these days...

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