Lords of the Fallen Has Sold 1 Million Copies

Despite ongoing technical issues, Lords of the Fallen is a hit for Hexworks and CI Games. According to a new tweet, the Souls-like action RPG has sold one million units since launching on October 13th.

While it’s good news for the title, which languished in development hell for years after its initial announcement in October 2014, it’s had several problems. Performance and stability are the primary ones, but there have also been complaints about enemy placement, New Game Plus and more.

Hexworks is addressing those complaints, having released several patches to buff status effect resistance rings and runes, improve stability, reduce VRAM consumption and much more. While more updates can be expected over the coming days, will the title’s success mean some DLC down the line? Perhaps even a follow-up that doesn’t take nearly a decade to release? Time will tell.

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expected more sales

maybe gamers are holding back for the upcoming releases


they've done a really good job on the game but they could of at least sold more that 1mil.


Impressive but woulda thought that they would sell more off rip !

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