Rumors Claim Bethesda Hopes Redfall Gets a "Redemption Arc"

Redfall launched earlier this year to lackluster reviews and even worse sales. In fact, after just a few months, the game's concurrent player count on Steam reached the single digits. Obviously, as a first-party Xbox game, Redfall's primary audience comes from Xbox Game Pass, but it's still an indication that no one is playing the vampire shooter. That's in spite of the team at Arkane recently releasing a new patch to finally add 60fps performance mode. However, a recent rumor claims that Bethesda still sees something of a "redemption arc" for Redfall coming down the pike.

The rumor comes from Jez Corden of Windows Central, who said in a recent podcast that he'd overheard some Bethesda workers talking about the game over the summer. "I spoke to some Bethesda people, and… Well, I say I spoke to, but I eavesdropped a Bethesda conversation at the not-E3 events in LA this year, and they were talking about sticking with the game," Corden said. "Yeah, they were talking about sticking with the game for years. They want to give it a 'redemption arc' and stuff like that."

Of course, if you've been paying attention to what Bethesda has been saying about Redfall over the summer, this tracks. Remember, in early September (which would have been after the "not-E3 events) Bethesda's Pete Hines said that Redfall would eventually "be a good game" because "Game Pass lives forever." What's more intriguing is exactly how Redfall is going to get there.

Obviously, those overheard conversations took place before the team implemented the new patch. As mentioned, that title update didn't exactly light the world on fire when it launched. In fact, the playerbase remains very small at this point. There have also been numerous rumors about Arkane moving onto a new project over the past few months, further making a massive patch to fix Redfall seem unlikely.

That said, Bethesda continues to publically and seemingly privately say that Redfall's "redemption arc" is coming. We've certainly seen games do it in the past and knowing that it's going to be available on Game Pass for the foreseeable future gives Bethesda and Microsoft a good reason to at least go through the motions of releasing some kind of upgrade at some point. The question now is when will that actually happen? Only Bethesda knows for sure, but it seems safe to assume that there is a fire brewing around Redfall given all the smoke we've seen over the summer.

As mentioned, Arkane released Title Update 2 earlier this month. Its biggest update was the addition of 60fps, but that's far from the only thing it added. The other big focus for Arkane in the second patch was to improve stability and performance across the board to make the game much more playable, even if the content in the game hasn't changed. Unfortunately, the update didn't add much in the way of new gameplay or content, which many fans will likely want before they come back in droves.

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well, everything crossed for them. hope they can make it better


I'm hoping they can do a good job of reviving the game back. They've done a good job with starfield.:)


Yeh they wish this game is just dead. Time to move on fr. Take the loss !

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